Monday, November 28, 2011

The Matrix screensaver, a timeless classic

I just updated one of my favorite screensavers:  The Matrix Screen Saver, to Version 1.14 (of 2 August 2010), by Meticulous Software in the UK, a company founded in 1999 by Phil Symons. I will have to explore the other cool applications they carry including iPhone Apps; you can tell easily that this is quality software. In the release notes of this screensaver, you can read that a problem with a multi-monitor setting, when the primary screen is not number 1, was fixed. The author also suggests to use version 1.11b if the performance of version 1.14 in Windows 7, as reported by some users, is not optimal. I will post about that if something comes up. For the time being I can notice that it does not run within the tiny screen of the Screen Saver Settings dialog box, as other screensavers do, so I was not able to take a screenshot, the way I did when I wrote about Windows Vista screensavers in Windows 7. In the meantime I'm running version 1.14. It's impressive!

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